Arifullah Shah

Wednesday, 1 Oct 1941,
10 Ramadhan 1360
Habibullah Shah

Sunday, 31 Oct 1971,
11 Ramadhan 1391
Qurbi Shah

Friday, 07 Feb 1975,
25 Muharram 1395
Nurillah Al-Mustafa

Friday, 30 Aug 1991,
20 Safar 1412
Abil Khair Athani

Saturday, 01 Nov 2003,
06 Ramadhan 1424
Baqibillah Shah

Monday, 16 Feb 2015,
25 Jamadil Awal 1436
Fasehullah Shah

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ShaykhFasihullah Shah

Dear Beloved Murids and All Seekers,

With the launch of our revamped website it is with great pleasure to greet with Salaam and Barakah! Insha’Allah we shall be updating with more articles for your reading and guidance along the Way.

In the words of Hadrat Shaykh Bahaudin Naqshband: “Read, therefore, what has been prepared for you, so that you may earn the blessing of eternal felicity.”

Shaykh Fasihullah Shah Siddiqe

    • I just would like to say a BIG thank to Samizr and Sheikh Siddiqe for this wonderful website. A job well done!! The page is so refreshing and informative. And the most valuable is the encouragement to all to read the Quran. Superb! Alhamdulillah.

      Murad Fettucini from Singapore
    • A very good platform for us and others globally who access this website to interact and understand the world of sufism and as a motivation reading the holy QURAN.

      Zazaili from Singapore
    • This website provides the central point for all Ikhwans to get the information they need. it also connects us to others around the world who are like minded

      Mohd Farid from Singapore
    • On this site I found a lot of things, most important is the spiritual relaxation, many people looking for. Beside that, those who create this site educated people they know eactly what they want and what they doing. May Allah bless them. them فى هذا الموقع وجدت اشياء كثيرة اهمها الراحة النفيسة واللتى يبحث عنها الكثيرين بالاضافة الى ذلك القائمين على هذا الموقع اناس متعلمون يعرفون ماذا يريدون وماذا يفعلون بالظبط الله يبارك فيهم

      Khaled Mohamed Mouharam from Egypt
    • A great page with sharing great information, sayings, words.

      Neo-Leonardo Adil from Pakistan
    • Sufism is the mystical branch of Islam. It is not like factions that divides people, rather it unites all. This website is all about Sufism, travelling on the path of Tariqah from taking a Murshid to being one with the All-Mighty. I highly recommend exploring more information here.

      Samizr Khan from Singapore
    • Lets get moving and open our hands to a rising Khalifah.!!!



      Arief Darmawan from Ciamis, Jawa Barat, Indonesia


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